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For Sascha's birthday this year, we decided to head to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since she lives in the UK, I flew out to London and met her there. I arrived a few days before we were set to go to Amsterdam, and since I have family there I made myself at home. I stayed in Shoreditch, and was able to meet up with a new friend whom I actually met back in 2016 while she was visiting San Francisco. We met in a bathroom at a bar and started talking about things we had in common, both being Nigerian decent and my family in London. We kept in touch and were able to link up when I got to London. If you're visiting London, please download the DOJO app. This app will show you local fun things that you can do while there.

Winnie actually took me to this Pop Up Japan, it was at this cute little area right off of the canal and the food was really good!

I met up with Sascha the next afternoon and after we went to one of my favorite spots, Nando's, we got ready to head out. We went to a show at the KOKO London, and then went out to bring in her birthday. Now, i'll briefly skip over the fact that you know it was ... her birthday... so the alcohol was coming. I stopped drinking after a certain time as I realized that we had to drive about an hour away to get to our airport. By the time we finished clubbing and got back in the house it was time to get ready for our flight. I successfully made the 1 hour drive on the other side of the road and we only ALMOST missed our 6am flight. Ha!


As soon as we touched down we checked into our hotel the W Amsterdam, which is located in the perfect place for us. We were in the heart of downtown just walking distance from everything we pretty much wanted to see. Of course we had to pop into the smoke shops and cafes and see what that life was like. Instantly one thing we both noticed about Amsterdam were that the people were extremely nice and friendly. That night we dined at Mr. Porter which was on our hotel rooftop. I met up with a girlfriend of mine whom I went to college with that was living in Amsterdam, who then introduced us to one of her friends who had moved to Amsterdam from France. We went out that night as well to the club at our hotel which seemed to go all night, we however did not. The following morning we woke up and did some more touristy things. We made sure to go to the Museumburg which was where they had several different museums. Being that we are both big fans of graffitti artist Banksy, it was only right that we caught his exhibit.

That night, we visited the Red Light District. Of course, since it was our first time there, we didn't know the 'rules.' As we were walking, and snapchatting our way through, we actually ended up getting verbally assaulted by some of the ladies there. LOL! (First and Last time for that) The following day, we took a cruise around the canals of Amsterdam and learned more about the growing phenomenon of owning a houseboat, which now goes for about 6million and there is also a waiting list to get one. When we went back to London, we spent a day pretending to be tourists and visited Buckingham Palace as well as the St. James's Park which is just immaculate in the spring.


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